Industrial Fire Teams Training

Industrial Fire Teams Training (Emergency Response Team)

We can deliver to your site Emergency Response Training designed for training onsite Emergency Response Teams, this training is developed to the client’s needs and site requirements. Including emergency response scenario exercises based on potential threats identified on your site.

Focus on Safety also provides a site audit, Hazard identification and Risk ranking service delivering to you a full report.

Course duration – 1 day

1 day Incipient Fire Fighters on our site or yours this will include:
  • Fire Hose Drills 38mm & 64mm.
  • Fire Foam Attack.
  • Fire Protective equipment.
  • Team work.
1 day Advanced Fire Fighters
  • SCBA (self-contained breathing Apparatus)
  • Offensive fire attack, High pressure interior attack.
  • Defensive exterior, Protecting exposures.
  • Fire team safety.
  • Fire Team dynamic risk assessment.

Please contact the office for any inquiries and bookings.

See the Student Handbook for more information.