Under the legislation in Australia, employers must provide “suitable and adequate” training to protect persons from risks to their health and safety at work.

The VET system of qualifications and national units of competency ensures that students are trained to a certain standard as required for each unit. The VET system is only able to guarantee that an operator is competent at the time they were assessed. Unless skills and knowledge are  being constantly applied, over time employees competency can decline.

Verification of Competency (VOC) is an independent assessment to verify competence and current compliance that assists employers to meet WHS requirements and ensure staff are still competent to operate equipment or perform a task. It is commonly used in many industries for pre-employment checks, contractual arrangements or site requirements.

The successful Operator will be issued a Verification of Competence Certificate. A VOC is not a licence to operate a machine and depending upon the project is only deemed valid or current for 2 years.

An operator MUST hold a current High Risk Licence or Plant Ticket to qualify for a Verification of Competency.