MDG25 AwarenessTraining

One Day MDG25 Safe Cutting & Welding at Mines Awareness Training


MDG25 is a Mechanical Design Guideline produced by the NSW Government (Department of Resources and Geoscience).

It is intended for this guideline to assist mine managers to develop, implement and manage a welding management plan (WMP). The purpose of the guideline is to minimise the risk to health and safety of people where cutting and welding activities are being carried out.

This technical reference applies to all mines and declared plant in NSW and should be used in all locations where Welding, Cutting and grinding is carried out. For example Production process plants, workshops, garages, hazardous areas, confined spaces, reclaim tunnels, and underground coal mines just to name a few.

Course Content
  • Australian Standard 1674.1-1997 – Safety in Welding and Allied Processes (Part 1: Fire precautions)
  • Australian Standard 1674.2-2003 – Safety in Welding and Allied Processes (Part 2: Electrical)
  • Australian Standard 4839-2001 – The safe use of portable and mobile oxy-fuel gas systems for welding, cutting, heating and allied processes.
  • Australian Standard 2865-2009 – Safe working in a confined space
  • WTIA Technical Note 7: Recommended Welding Machine Daily Inspection and Pre-Start Checklist.
  • WTIA Technical Note 8: Recommended Oxy-Fuel Gas Daily Inspection and Pre-Start Checklist
  • WTIA Technical Note 22: Welding Electrical Safety
  • MDG-25 TR (March 2003)
  • Australian Standard 2444-2001 Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets – selection and location
  • SafeWork Australia – Welding Fume Safety
Course Details
  • Duration: 1 day 7.30am to 3.00pm
  • Cost: $275.00 incl GST per person
  • Course Venue: Focus On Safety Office or on Client’s premises
  • Delivery Mode: Face to face in a classroom setting
  • Certification: Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • What to bring: Participants are required to wear suitable clothing and enclosed footwear. Participants are also required to bring their own lunch.
  • Students are to provide their Unique Student Identifier.
  • Supplied by FOS: Each participant will receive Morning Tea

Cancellation of Training

Focus On Safety Pty Ltd realise that cancellation or deferment of a course is sometimes unavoidable and therefore have established the following guidelines:

  • Focus on Safety Pty Ltd course registration/booking form binds the client to full payment on completion of the Training or Assessment
  • No penalty applies if the student is moved to another course date in the first instance. However if a student is moved multiple times full course fees will apply. Movement requests on the day of training are not permitted. These will be treated as a non-attendance and full fee will apply.
  • Full fee will be charged if the cancellation request is received less than 48 hours before the commencement of the course
  • If a Student turns up more than 10 minutes late for a class, the student will be declined entry into the course, they will be treated as a non-attendance and the full fee will be charged.

See the Student Handbook for more information.