Chief Fire Warden

Chief Fire Warden/Critical Incident Controller Awareness Training


This position is critical for medium to large businesses to ensure they meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3745-2010: planning for emergencies in facilities and how it applies to your workplace.

Course duration – 4hrs

Training will include:
  • Roles and responsibilities within the emergency plan
  • Decision making command and control
  • Incident communications Internal / External.
  • Incident Scene Control and Security.
  • Command Centre Operations.
  • Business recovery / normalisation.
  • Record keeping
  • Chief Warden Evacuation responsibilities.
  • Workplace Fire Hazard identification and control.

PCBUs must ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace, including for workers who may work at multiple workplaces. Please contact the office for any inquiries and bookings.

See the Student Handbook for more information.